Moomba Auto Flow 2.0

The Moomba Auto Flow 2.0 system is a completely re-designed surf system that produces all-day waves with the flick of a switch.

Auto Flow 2.0 features contoured plates, to tame water flow coming off the hull and direct it right where it needs to go. Resulting in massive surf waves, clean lips and tons of push from the swim platform all the way to the barrel.

It's so easy!  Moomba’s Auto Flow 2.0 Surf System harnesses the flow of water at surf speeds with the surf-optimized running surfaces of the Moomba Helix, Mondo, Craz, Max, and Mojo. Just touch the switch and in a blink of an eye Auto Flow 2.0 produces pro level wave shapes to take your ride to new levels..

Auto Flow 2.0 Surf System

When activated, Auto Flow 2.0 creates a surf wave with fast push even when evenly weighted. Transfer easily from side to side as you surf toe or heel side, by just flicking a switch. No need to shift people all around. Just fill the massive up to 3,000 pound Moomba Surf edition ballast system, hit the AutoFlow button, and you are ready to go and GO BIG!