MasterCraft X-Star

The KING of Wake

  • 23 Feet 0 Inches


  • 32 Inches


  • 102 Inches


  • 5800 Lbs


  • 76 Gallons


  • 16 People


The new MasterCraft X-Star owns a unique space on the water: where engineering and science meet passion and dedication.

The mission of the new X-Star was to produce the worlds best wakeboard wakes.  Within days of the pros getting access to the new boat, the first two double tantrum to blinds were landed EVER.  The bar has been raised.

The great thing about the XStar is that it is not just for Pros.  It has crisp clean wakes at the slower speeds so riders of every level can get in on the fun.

With #4100 of ballast that fills or drains in less than three minutes you can go from the boat lift or trailer to boarding or surfing in no time.  Demo an XStar and you will see that there are no other boats in the same class.