MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf System


The MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf system is currently available on all models except the ProStar. The system is a combination of wake shaping devices on the transom of the boat, additional ballast to generate more wake size, boat hulls designed to generate world class wake shapes, as well as electronics and software to control the Zero Off GPS Cruise Control, Ballast System, and wake shaping devices.  MasterCraft specifically engineered differently shaped devices for port and starboard sides of each boat model to account for the torque of the engine as well as the unique needs of each hull design.  A one size fits all solution like all of our competitors use is not good enough for MasterCraft and it should not be good enough to for you!

The Gen 2 system allows you to control the size, shape, and what side the surf wake is on with a single touch. Adjust-ability is a key feature that other surf boats lack. MasterCraft has the widest range of surfable boat models available. Each of those models has a Gen 2 Surf System that is calibrated to its unique characteristics. This ensures a consistently shredable wave regardless of which MasterCraft you're behind. And that wave is also adjustable so regardless of boat model, board type, port or starboard wave, all ability levels get the best experience.