Easy Does It

Dockstar delivers revolutionary steering control

The best on the water just got even better. MasterCraft’s DockStar Handling System gives drivers of any ability a boost of confidence by making tight spots like docks and marinas easier to navigate. 

DockStar’s breakthrough design delivers the ultimate control with a system of additional rudders that deflect prop wash beneath the boat. The result is precise steering while reversing—in both port and starboard directions. Drivers familiar with the handling of a sterndrive or outboard boat will marvel that an inboard is this capable and easy.  Plus, towsports including surfing, wakeboarding and skiing aren't negatively affected by these rudders.  If fact, slow speed handling in forward gear is improved due to the added rudder surface area providing better maneuverability.

This patent-pending innovation is exclusive to MasterCraft towboats and is available now.


Inboard owners have long known that there is a learning curve with driving and docking their boat. The rudder system underneath even the top of the line boats required some time to master its unique handling characteristics, especially when maneuvering in tight spaces. The engineers at MasterCraft have solved that issue by creating a handling system that redirects prop wash and offers crisp, intuitive steering control in both forward and reverse.


Drivers used to sterndrive or outboard handling will be instantly familiar with the intuitive and precise steering. Drivers used to inboard handling will be amazed at the ability to reverse port and starboard without having to compensate. New drivers will get a boost of confidence.  Everyone will also benefit from increased forward handling capabilities as well.  Heavily weighted surf and wakeboard boats are more responsive with DockStar.


Amazingly easy steering control in reverse.