MasterCare 5 Year Warranty


Have you ever read a boat company warranty before? We suggest that you do before you invest in a new boat.

MasterCraft has a totally different approach to warranty. They build stronger partnerships with their vendors and do more product validation so that you and your expensive new boat don't have to be a guinea pig. With their world renown craftsmanship and attention to detail MasterCraft can put all of the fine print of their industry leading 5 year warranty into less than 30 words...

Gelcoat defects are covered for one year. Trailer paint and corrosion is covered for one year. Every other part of every MasterCraft is covered for five years. That's it. Parts AND Labor.

Other boat companies bury their warranty limitations in confusing fine print. MasterCraft has nothing to hide, so we put ours first. MasterCraft is the only manufacturer to offer a one-time fully transferable lifetime structural warranty and five year, bow-to-stern componentry warranty. And it's 100% fulfilled by MasterCraft, not an aftermarket policy that will run you more than $2,500, or a series of sub-policies underwritten by a hodge-podge of component suppliers.  With most boat warranties if there is an engine, trailer, stereo, or other issue the part manufacturer or distributor decides if it is covered under warranty.  At MasterCraft, all of those decisions are made in house.  Do you think the engine, trailer, or stereo distributor is as committed to your long term satisfaction as MasterCraft is?

It's MasterCraft's factory direct guarantee: Issues are quickly resolved by the same company that built your boat, through our award-winning customer service department, rated highest in customer satisfaction.

Some of the other guys claim 5 year warranties, but don’t even come close to covering what we do. Read the fine print and you’ll find gaping holes in their policies. Some brands claim 5 years—and only cover instrumentation. We wrote our policy for the real world and back it in writing that is clear and straightforward.

MasterCare covers parts and labor on powertrain, upholstery, components, audio, instruments...virtually everything aft to stern is covered. It’s hands-down the most comprehensive list you will find.

Five years means 5 years. Unlike others who offer 3 years and coverage drops off, a boat purchased in 2018 is covered until 2023. If an issue were to arise, it’s quickly resolved right at the source–the MasterCraft factory.

MasterCraft created MasterCare because they have complete confidence in their product, ISO-Certified manufacturing processes and component suppliers. This is a level of quality not seen in the industry. It’s the best warranty on the water and it’s proof of our confidence in the quality of every part of our boats.

Our warranty is one-time transferable. That means a second owner will enjoy all of the same benefits and peace of mind as anyone buying a brand new MasterCraft.

It is really simple, If you build the best boat you can offer the best warranty.