What time of the year is the best to buy a new boat?

MasterCraft, Supra, and Moomba use proven construction methods refined over 30-50 years of building premier water sports tow boats. These methods take time and are based on a skilled labor force and expensive specialized molds of the major boat components. Output can not be seasonally increased to have production mirror our high demand summer boating season. Because of this, the same number of boats are made every day of the year. In effort to balance sales with an inflexible manufacturing schedule, factory and dealer discounts are offered in the fall and winter to provide financial incentives for buyers to commit when demand is at the lowest point.

How does buying a boat in the fall effect my trade in value?

By trading in the fall you can save a years worth of depreciation and Midwest Water Sports will even cover the costs of winterization and storage. Every 90 days the NADA publishes a new guide that generally depreciates your trade in. We want your trade in over the winter so that we can do any reconditioning while our service staff is slow. Because of this we can often offer more in the fall than for the same boat in the spring. Your trade in is only getting older, why not save on depreciation and service and trade now?

What other benefits do I get for purchasing off season?

Have you looked at how many models, colors, and options are available in a new MasterCraft, Supra, and Moomba boats? Buying off season is the only way to guarantee that your family's customized new boat will be ready in the spring when you are. A few differences in colors and options can easily add thousands of dollars to the price of a boat. Why not order exactly what you want and nothing more? If you wait for the boat show you might be waiting until June or in rare occasions even later to take delivery. Waiting until spring limits your options to in-stock models. Keep in mind that MasterCraft, Supra, and Moomba's total production is just over 1/2 of the number of Ferraris that are made each year!  While Midwest Water Sports has one of the largest inventories, we do struggle to find the perfect boat for particular in season buyers. 

If I order off season, when will I have to pay?

This is an area we can work with you on. If we are ordering your boat we require a deposit at the time of order and don't require payment until after the boat arrives and you have had the opportunity to see it in person. We can be flexible. If a particular time frame works for you please let us know and we will strive to find an amicable solution.