AutoWake from Supra and Moomba Boats

AutoWake was first offered as a standard feature in 2017 Supra boats and as an option on Moomba.  The goal of AutoWake is to help provide more consistent wakes without requiring adjustments by the driver.  Anyone who has spent time in surf or wakeboard boats has noticed the changes that different fuel loads, crew quantity and seating placement, and water depth changes have to the wakes.

It can be frustrating to have a perfect wake one day and something is not quite the same the next.  AutoWake was designed to give the driver more information and automatically tune the ballast and to increase performance and wake consistency.

One of the goals of AutoWake is to keep the boat at the best attitude side to side (roll) and front to back (pitch) of the boat for ideal wake performance.  In wakeboarding we want a level boat side to side.  If you have the offensive line of the Minnesota Vikings seated on the passenger side of the boat and the cheerleaders on the driver's side.  Any boat will naturally lean toward the Minnesota Moving Company and this will negatively effect your wakes.  AutoWake senses that the boat is out of balance and will adjust the ballast to bring the boat back to level.  It would first try to add ballast on the "lighter" side.  When/If that side is full, it will reduce ballast on the heavy side.  If like in this example the boat is so far our of balance that ballast adjustments can not bring the boat to equilibrium, it will tell the driver to rearrange the crew via a message on the screen.

For 2018 the system got faster by having double ballast pumps standard in all Supra Boats.  Double pumps are optional in 2018 Moomba Boats.  Doubling the pumps makes any adjustments faster.  Predictive state technology was also added in 2018 so the boat reads what the state of balance is before adding any ballast and fills with the intended goal in mind.

For wake surfing the boats prefer a few degree lean to the side that the surfer will be riding on.  AutoWake will fill and adjust ballast to your goal (balanced for wakeboarding or a few degree lean to the side of a surfer).  

The system also adjusts ballast from front to rear and adjusts on the fly if people move around the boat while surfing or wakeboarding.  The intention is to provide the best most consistent wakes without making the driver manually adjust ballast or tell passengers where to sit.

AutoWake is also adjustable.  If you prefer the wakes produced by a little more lean while surfing you can adjust the AutoWake set point to your preferences.

For 2018 an Amplitude Bar was added.  The goal of this reading to show how deep the boat is sitting in the water.  In surfing, you will see a higher AMP setting if you have a full ballast and the boat loaded to capacity than you will with a full ballast and two riders.  This can be helpful in two ways.  Young and novice surfers may find that if the wakes are huge they struggle to stay back off the transom of the boat.  If that happens you can adjust the wakes down to make it easier for the rider.  The opposite is also true.  If you loved the wake of the boat during a family reunion with extra human ballast, you can recreate that AMP setting by adding more ballast.

The AMP setting can also be used when you want a nice balanced ski, wakeboard, or cruising wake where little to no ballast is required. If you have a low AMP setting, AutoWake will level the boat with minimal ballast.

AutoWake measures and adjusts the pitch and roll of the boat to control the wake shape and the AMP setting controls the size with the goal of providing consistent wakes without manual adjustment.

AutoWake also integrates the Smart Plate which is the center plate on the back of the hull to provide better acceleration and driving characteristics.  When the boat stops, AutoWake will automatically lower the Smart Plate and leave it there.  When the boat accelerates again, water will flow under the smart plate and create lift so there is less bow rise and faster acceleration.

An experienced driver can make manual adjustments to achieve similar results that AutoWake provides just like a really good driver can do a good job of holding speed while pulling a rider without cruise control.  AutoWake takes the guesswork out of wakes for ALL drivers in a family and replaces time wasted in the learning curve of how to set up a new boat.  Do you need AutoWake?  Maybe not but you want it!     

AutoWake is a standard feature in 2017 and 2018 Supra Boats. 

AutoWake is a optional feature on 2018 Moomba Boats.